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Born a creative artist and an out of the box thinker, and descendant of royal Mayan warriors of Chichen itza. Oddly enough I was born in the generation called Generation Z. I was not like the rest of my peers I wrote my first poem in kindergarden, and I won my first competition and was published in a book in the 4th (and 5th) grade. It wasn't until  middle school when my beloved teacher showed me the power of words and my passion for creative writing. I became a local activist and fought for civil rights and used poetry as my tool. Chak (Mayan thunder god) gifted me my voice later in my life and my voice was like thunder. My desire to learn and grow led me to telling stories through video, I wrote and produced my first short film in 2016 called The Tragedies of War. That talent recognised me with high ranking members of the city and I took of from there. After years of being pushed I finally began to pressure a voice career as well. I have been awarded many titles and recognition as a byproduct of my passion to serve my community and my people for a brighter future. And so I shall continue on road will you join me?